Power Electronics Group

Power Electronics Group of the department of Electrical Engineering is active in the areas of switched mode power converters, industrial drives and power electronic applications to power systems. The work carried out by the group includes analysis, modeling, simulation, control, design, fabrication and evaluation of power electronic systems over power levels ranging from a few watts to a few hundreds of kilowatts. The group interacts closely with indian industries - through sponsored student projects, consultancy work and sponsored research projects.





Control of Industrial Drives 

New control strategies and PWM techniques for various industrial drives such as Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, Induction Motor and Switched Reluctance Motor Drives.

High Frequency Power Conversion

New soft switching topologies for high frequency power conversion to achieve high power densities.

Power Quality

Design, fabrication, control and evaluation of active filters and STATCOMs for power quality applications such as reactive current compensation and harmonic current compensation.

Electric Machines and Electromagnetism

Design, fabrication and evaluation of electromagnetic machines such as linear motors, electromagnetic stirrers, axial field machine and other special machines.

Distributed Generation

Design and optimization of power converters to interface various energy sources to the electric grid, methods of high-performance control of the converters, co-ordination with distributed equipment and load.

High Power Converters

Development, testing and control of high power converters including design of robust and reliable drive and protection schemes for high power semiconductor devices; circulating power arrangements for load testing of high power converters and drives.

Digital Controllers

Digital controller based on DSP processors and FPGA devices are developed for various power electronics applications.

Education Material

Experimental platforms for post-graduate lab courses and self-learning educational kits.


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